From the desk of Ben Racz


“The conversion rate of our franchise program has increased over 45% when we started applying your copy and sales & marketing strategies. Subconscious influence works!”
- E. Adam, Franchise Director, One Euro Market, Inc.
Industry: Wholesale, International Trade
Company size: $15 million / year, 200+ employees
Hello Business Owner,

Ben Racz
subconscious influence expert

I’m a nice guy now. No really, I am.

Besides, the truth is already out.

Almost everyone knows how cults, parties and hundred million dollar MLM organizations abuse these strategies.

I’m talking about high-powered techniques that make the normal, decent, hard-working fellows give up their homes and life savings to join sects and serve as missionaries…

Techniques that are the driving force behind any kind of fanatic behavior… and allow zealots to lead some of the most powerful organizations on the face of earth.

The same techniques which make hundreds of thousands of Jack and Jill’s  join dubious money-making schemes and MLM programs that require ridiculous amounts of money up front…

… money that everyone involved with these people knows they’ll never see again.

Except here’s the thing: at that point, you can tell ‘em just about anything.

They’ll join anyway.

It’s like you’re talking to sleepwalkers at this point.


You see, hypnosis has been around in healing for 242 years now – and trances are as old as humanity.

I should know, as…

Ah, well, we’re jumping ahead of ourselves now…


“… first let me tell you why YOU are indeed one lucky person to be reading this!”

My name is Ben Racz, and I’m a copywriter.

I’m also an expert in subtle subconscious influence, ready to help your business rake in all the cash it deserves.

And I’ll do that by writing copy that converts as you’ve never seen before.

Now in the next few minutes I’ll do my best to make sure you are pretty damn sure I can do that too, by showing you a few things, like:

  • why aggressive sales persuasion techniques and hype are bad for your business
  • a simple rule that applies to all subconscious persuasion… when done elegantly
  • how to make sure your sales message makes your customers fork out the big bucks without ever having second thoughts about it
  • and what to do to create a cult-like following for your business, with the majority of your customers having no idea why they are addicted to your products.

Now I’m quite excited to share these with you as I wasn’t allowed to talk about all of this earlier due to an NDA… But now it’s all taken care of, so by the time you understand what’s going on, you may find yourself also wanting to employ the techniques I’m going to tell you about.

And I’ll be glad to help you… Unless you’re one of the people supporting those organizations I’ve mentioned earlier.

If you are, please understand: that part of my life is over.


“I’m already a disputed character when it comes to my career… and my copywriting techniques”

Let me explain…

Before I started writing copy, I was among the highest-paid Information Security consultants in the world.

I watched the organization I worked for jump from $12,500 to an IPO on NASDAQ resulting in a market value of  $687,492,200… in just five years.

This is where I witnessed first-hand what the power of a subconscious influence expert can do for your business.

“What do you mean subconscious influence?” – you may ask.

Let me illustrate the main principle through an analogy.

A fact you may well know is that you learn in Aikido is how NOT to use your physical strength.

In fact…

“In Aikido you use the power of gravity, leverage, and the momentum of your opponents, instead of your physical strength… to win your battles.”

 (Click to start and stop)

Look at how the sensei barely even moves.

Instead, he just stands there, focused and relaxed.

And when he does move, he simply helps his opponent use his own momentum to loose the battle.

No force involved at all.

Now momentum in Aikido is in a way perfectly analogous of how subconscious manipulation works.

Both actually require you to assume a position.

It’s most effective when it’s a relaxed position, almost as if you were not even trying to do anything.

Of course, you have to do your homework first – you must know exactly who your opponent is.

You need to know what life is like for them… and decide which stance would be the best to take.

Now if you’re well prepared, your subject is going notice you, and how you’re standing there, relaxed.

Then you will be waiting for them to come to you.

And they will, too, on account of their own decision… and the “forces of nature”.

Then as they tackle you, they’re staggered by the result.

They’re floored and they don’t even know how it happened!

They just find themselves surrendering to your will without any choice in the matter…

And if you do it artfully, they’ll never suspect it was all carefully engineered by you from the very beginning.

It just happens.

That’s similar to how…

“My hypnotic copywriting strategies tap into your prospect’s subconscious and take advantage of their mental momentum allowing them to simply convince themselves.”

And by the time they do, you have one really devoted customer.

Sometimes it happens in as little as a few seconds.

And all you’ve used is words.

That’s the true potential and power of subconscious influence and hypnotic writing strategies.

And once you experience how exceptionally powerful you become and how you can completely change a person’s perception of reality, there’s no turning back!

While doing consulting, I’ve also spent years learning some of the most well kept secrets among the experts of hypnotherapy and subconscious persuasion.

A lot of people in this field are now bugging me to share my knowledge… which I never do – EVER, outside my private coaching practice where I teach only the select few who are able to afford it.


“I’ll share one secret with you today.”

A quick glimpse, if you’d like, of how it’s done:

People who work with me notice that I sometimes speak with them on two levels.

One is the surface structure of the language… the one everyone uses every day.

The other is the so-called deep structure… the meaning woven in beyond the surface,  hidden from the naked eye.

It’s this part of the language that a skillful hypnotic persuader is able to load with subconscious messages leaving your prospects in a buying frenzy, clicking away at your website, purchasing just about anything they can lay their hands on.

This is the reason why the dumbest organizations, like sects, cults and MLMs stay alive… and it’s the same technique that’s used by leading politicians to manipulate the masses.

You see the messages you read are in fact loaded… and you realize the writer is skilful when what you read flows ever so smoothly. And you almost don’t even notice it, but it’s nudging you steadily towards a decision that you’re going to make anyway… and you’re going to make it on your own.

And so will your prospects.

And when they do… It’s time to cash in.

That’s when you take a look at how your copy performs.

Then you go to the bank.



“…is the sound of you cashing in your next cheque as you realize how old-fashioned persuasion has become obsolete!”


You love that sound, don’t you?

And the feeling that goes along with it!

You would love to get to feel like that more often now too.

I get it.

That’s why I’ve dedicated so much time to help businesses just like yours to make obscene amounts of money with these techniques.

So let me ask you, what do you think… am I the guy who will create other-than-conscious marketing for you?

The kind of marketing that blows certain fuses in your prospect’s brains, putting them in a trance in which they’ll just whip out their credit cards and buy every single product you offer them… and be happy about it ever after?

Quite possibly so.

But you see…

“The All-Round Consulting Service I Offer May Not Be For Everyone”

You see, for me to be able to help you, I need to be genuinely enthusiastic about the project we’re working on.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you think you’ve got something for me, but keep in mind…

I may not see the potential in your company.

I may not feel passionate about your product.

I might not even be able to help you.

Of course if I do agree to take the job, you can be certain it’s going to be lucrative for everyone.

But… will I be available to help you when you want me to?

You can find out by scheduling a simple phone call.

But before you do, please keep in mind that there are tens of thousands of businesses around.

And a lot of them I wouldn’t help even if I could.


Here are the conditions that will allow you to decide if it makes sense for you to contact me:
  • My methods are not for the faint-hearted. If you’re timid, a small-time thinker or if you’re easily offended, it’s probably not a good idea to contact me.
  • Your business must be ethical with a good track record, and must be able to handle a large, instant increase in sales.
  • Your  must have enough capital to finance a serious, high-quality online marketing offer.
  • Your product or service must offer genuine value to its customers and must be ethical.

“We’re completely stunned by the results your copy pulls. Keep up the good work!”
- Laszlo Csomori, Managing Director, Intersoft Consulting Ltd. Industry: IT Consulting: ERP & Business Intelligence
Company size: $1.5 million / year, 20 employees

Now there is one more thing you should know.

The reason my services are very expensive is that I earn most of my income as commissions from the increase of revenue I generate.

And quite often, that revenue is substantial.

So… please just don’t schedule this call, unless you’re certain your business can handle the new load my methods will bring.

If you’d like to schedule a 45-minute free discovery session with me right now, the orange button will bring you to a calendar where you can book a time that’s convenient for you:


“Ben, you’ve made yourself indispensable over these years. Your copy was one of the main driving forces of our business. Thank you.”
- John Z. Vamosi, Founder & CEO, Philos Labs, Inc.
Industry: Gaming Software Development
Company size: $2.5 million / year, 110 employees


What I can do for you is including, but not limited to the following:

  • Copywriting, Edits & Critiques: Web Copy for Sales Pages, Opt-in Pages, Order Pages, Thank-You Pages, Blogs, Brochures, Magalogs, Tear sheets, Flyers, Video Scripts, Affiliate Emails
  • Product Development
  • Customer Acquisition Campaign Strategies
  • Customer Lifetime Value Optimization
  • Consulting On Corporate Structure, Business Development And Marketing Procedures
  • Response Analysis & Roll-Out Strategy
  • Autoresponder Series & Newsletters Including Technical Setup
  • Site Creation Including Graphic Design  & Complete Sales Funnel
“WOW is just about all I can say. This NLP stuff really works. Awesome.””
- Thomas Foldi, Managing Director, Starschema Ltd.
Industry: IT Consulting: Business Intelligence & Data Warehouses
Company size: $1 million / year, 20 employees

Now once again, you are welcome to schedule a free, 45-minute discovery session with me right now. The orange button will bring you to a calendar where you can book a time that’s convenient for you:

Do it. You’ll be glad you did.